solid academic background combined with more than 20 years of experience allow me to understand the complexity of the seafood supply chain, synergies across diverse fields, disciplines, and people


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Quality Assurance

Pre-requirements of HACCP

Quality System’s implementation (GMP, SOP, SSOP)

Tuna processing improvements


System evaluation against Environmental (Marine litter Pollution, Gear disposal) and Social indicators

Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) assessment, audits and AIPs (Aquaculture improvement projects)

Sustainable production methods

Market Analysis

Capacity building, implementation of Good Aquaculture Practices and training

Seafood Sourcing

Traceability and tools for supporting responsible sourcing

Chain of Custody implementation

Internal criteria development for assessing suppliers

Compliance support

Supplier auditing


Designing and implementation of Management system for players within the seafood supply chain

Training in different sustainable schemes, Pre-auditing and assessments

Standard implementation


Quality of seafood processing


Sustainability standards,in both aquaculture and fishery

Seafood handling and manipulation

Social accountability and labor conditions at land and at Sea


Tuna Industry – Supply chain

Aquaculture Industry – Supply chain

Codfish, Trout fish and Salmon processing

Social accountability and Labor conditions

We promote the social responsibility and sustainability of the fishing industry to promote fairer and more inclusive supply chains where inequalities disappear, where gender equality is guaranteed, and where the social and labor rights of all those involved are respected. We set up a management system, carry out assessments and audits as well as stakeholder engagement in social aspects of the Seafood supply chain (farms, processing sites, and fishing vessels).

Labor onboard ILOC188

Maritime Labor Convention 2006

Responsible Fishery Vessel Scheme (RFVS)

Workshops and trainings






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