Toothfish fishery – New Zealand – labour issues onboard

Toothfish fishery – New Zealand – labour issues onboard

Nowadays, the Strategic partnership is key to achieve mutual goals in a global seafood business.

This work is the result of a partnership with the New Zealand base sustainable seafood and fisheries advisers Terra Moana and Seafoodmatter. It was a teamwork developed with participants from 4 countries (Australia, New Zealand, The United States and The Netherlands). The gap analysis was based on the merge of SA8000 and ILOC188 with the development of a metric and score indicators. Interview skills and data collection were very important at the moment to assess the obtained information. As results, our client could link into broader international discussions about crewing certifications and standards creation, which has been very beneficial for the MSC certified Austral Fishery. Here

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Austral fisheries

Social issues in the seafood supply chain are becoming increasingly important, specifically those related to workers and working conditions both in processing and at sea. Terra Moana has been engaged to provide a review and insights into crewing arrangements for Austral fisheries and provide recommendation going forward to meet international best practice.

Report and Analysis

The Terra Moana team led by Marcelo Hidalgo (Seafood Matter), provided a social conditions gap analysis report and review against international best practice to achieve a higher level of compliance against the best available social accountability guidelines for Austral Fisheries. Marcelo presented an overview of the social assessment approach he has developed at the 2017 Pacific Tuna Conference. Review it – here


” Terra Moana Ltd and Seafood Matter undertook a ‘social assessment’ of our Patagonian Toothfish operations in the southern ocean. We were seeking insights on the critical elements of social acceptability and standards setting for crewing of our vessels. Our aim was to identify where our crewing arrangements met and/or exceeded global standards and, more particularly, where there may have been areas that we needed to understand better, or improve upon. The process they undertook, and report they provided, helped us set a clear direction and identified areas to focus on with our operational teams and arrangements. As a result of their report and advice, we were able to link into broader international discussions on crewing certification and standards creation, which has been very beneficial, also. We would recommend them for quality, timely, and thorough advice on all aspects of social assessments in the seafood business.”

Martin Exel, General Manager Environment and Policy, Austral Fisheries.

Austral Fisheries currently uses Port Louis, Mauritius, as the unloading port for its Southern Ocean fleet due to its proximity to fishing grounds and shipyard expertise. Crew members come from a wide variety of backgrounds, including Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Chile, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Namibia, Spain, Indonesia, Mauritius, and more

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